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A travel planner is a luxury that anyone can afford.

Our services are included in the cost of your travel, you won't pay extra. We’ll handle the arrangements so you can begin relaxing long before your vacation begins. Because travel plans can change in a moment, it’s clearer now more than ever how valuable having a travel planner can be. We help people get the most out of their travels and not feel the pressure of making changes to their plans if the need arises.

That Vacation Co. is run by Caleb and Chanel Berg. Our love of travel has taken us to many amazing places. We want to help you see more of this beautiful world we live in. We began to see over the years that, because we have had the tremendous privilege to travel, many friends and family have come to us with questions about how to best put together their vacations. We love to learn and discover everything we can about trip destinations and the experiences you can have all over the world. Let us put that knowledge and passion to work for you.

We are based in Geneseo, New York but offer our services to you no matter where you are.
Because we are a small business you know you’ll get great customer care and attention.

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